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Destroy the Accreditation Myth with Dhi

If you are a management team member, owner, chairman, secretary or executive leadership team with a group of institutions, then this message is for you.

You are constantly bombarded with Accreditation milestones, compliance and related requirements. You are also constantly told ‘Accreditation is a very difficult path’. This is a Myth. We want you to destroy the myth with Dhi.

Introducing Dhi, your trusted digital automation platform from Heraizen Technologies. We are literally on the cutting edge of the Accreditation movement with every type of Accreditation: be it NAAC, NBA, NIRF or any other. We have already signed and deployed with over 116 educational campuses including private universities, groups of institutions.

Our Accreditation team of experts will be available to give you a quick overview of how this works. Please reply to this WA message / or call or drop us a line: and we will be glad to connect with you.

– Team Heraizen  +91 63 664 50 156


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